Student Safety


Posting information online is different from printing it on paper. Something posted online lives forever, and can be viewed by anyone in the world with a computer and an Internet connection.

Two common sense things need to be kept in mind when posting photos and information about students online.

1.) Keeping students safe is always the most important thing.

2.) Parents of young children have the right to be in control of information posted online about their kids.

Keeping Children Safe

In the "good old days," information about children in a school newsletter or flyer, printed on paper, probably didn't find its way into the hands of anyone outside the school community. That's not the case today with school websites. Online information can be seen by everyone in the world -- even by bad people who want to harm children.

Common sense and student/parental consent are important things to keep in mind. Below are some general guidelines.

    • Full names of students should not be posted without student and parental consent.

    • Photos should not identify individual students without student and parental consent.

    • Student addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses should never be posted.

    • Student academic records should not be posted without student and parental consent. This includes graded work that can be identified as belonging to individual students.

    • Information about student/family illnesses or medical history should not be posted without student and parental consent.

Please use common sense when posting pictures, names, and personal details about children online, and err on the side of safety.

Keeping Parents In Control and Informed

Any information identifying a student on a school's website should not be done without the student and guardian's permission. This includes pictures of students, students' accomplishments, school newsletters posted online with pictures and information about students, or samples of student work.

There is no official district permission form for parents to fill out. Schools can create their own forms to have parents sign, giving their permission, or can get parent permission via email.

More Information

If you want more information contact Bryan Andersen at the district Community Relations & Communications Office at 503-399-3038, or by e-mail at