Social Media


There is currently no official district policy specifically addressing the use of social media websites by schools or teachers/staff.

The key point is not "the means of communication" (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.).

The key points are the nature of the interaction between teachers/staff and students, and what information is shared online.

District staff should not "friend" or post content about students using personal Facebook accounts, according to our annual employee training. It is strongly advised that staff draw a clear line between personal and school-district related communications.

    • Any contact between teachers/staff and students should be transparent. If a class or school Facebook page is set up as a closed group, transparency might include the teacher/staff member sharing the administrator username/password with her supervisor.

    • Communication between teachers/staff and students on non-school related topics is problematic. Things that have a personal, romantic or sexual nature are not appropriate and are punishable.

    • Content that violates student privacy, such as disclosing student academic information, information about student health, or personal information like student phone numbers, home addresses or personal email addresses, should not be posted.


Here are some guidelines on posting student information online:

Here are Facebook guidelines the Communications department uses in administering the official Salem-Keizer Facebook page: