About the Project


The Purpose of a School Website

Every school needs a website to help it communicate with parents. Keep in mind, even parents who don't have the Internet at home can view our school websites on their smart phones.

Along with keeping parents informed, school website are important for other things too, like attracting tech-savvy young graduates to become teachers in our schools. Imagine the impression it would leave with a young teacher who learned a school with a job opening doesn't have a website, or has a poorly maintained one.

District Policy

All Salem-Keizer schools are required to have a school website (see attachment at the bottom of this page).

Schools that are happy with their current websites are free to keep using them, however schools that want new websites can request the Community Relations & Communications department build them one. There is no charge for this service.

The website built by the Communications department are usually administered by school office staff (they're easy to use and require no special technical knowledge), and are designed to take 15 minutes or less per week to update.

If your school would like a new website, contact:

Bryan Andersen

Web Specialist
Community Relations & Communications
Salem-Keizer Public Schools
2450 Lancaster Dr NE
Salem, OR 97305