Calendar - How To

The Calendar page is the second most visited page on school websites (the Home page is usually the most visited page). Keeping the online calendar up to date is really helpful for parents.

Below is a tutorial on how to add items to your website's calendar.

1. Click on the Sign in link located on the bottom left corner of your school website Home page (see picture below). That takes you to your account sign in page.

2. Enter your user name and password (see below), and hit the Sign in button. That logs you in and takes you back to your school website Home page.

3. Click on the Calendar link in the top left corner of your website to go to Google Calendars (see below). After you click on the link it will open up a new tab or window in your browser.

4. Click on the day you want to add a calendar event to, and a pop up window will appear (see below). Fill in the What, and click on the Edit even details link.

5. If it's an all-day event, check All day, add a description, and hit save (see below).

6. All day events appear with a solid red bar. To get back in and edit or delete, just click on the title of the event (see below).

7. For events that are not all day, click on the day when the event will happen and a pop up window will appear (see below). Fill in the What, and click on Edit event details.

8. Uncheck the All day box (if it's checked), and then edit the start and end time of the event, add a description, and hit the save button (see below).

9. Events that have a start and stop time appear on your calendar (see below). To edit or delete the event, click on the event title.

10. This is what the two events look like on your website (see below). Remember, you add or delete events on your calendar by going to Google Calendars. Then they automatically appear on your website.

11. To edit or delete events you've added to your calendar, go back to Google Calendars by hitting the Calendar link on the Top Left corner of your website's Home page (see below).

12. When you click on the title of the event, the pop up window will appear (see below). You can hit the delete button and it will be deleted instantly. If you want to edit the event, hit Edit event details underneath the Delete link.

13. If you hit the Edit event details link, a box like the one below appears. You can edit and save. Or, if you decide you want to delete after all, you can hit the delete button (see picture below).