Elementary Schools

All Salem-Keizer schools are required to have a school website. Schools that are happy with their current websites are free to keep using them, however elementary schools that want a new website can request one from the Community Relations & Communications department. 

Below is a list of sites that use a common template and modern technology, created for schools by Community Relations & Communications.
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Auburn None Auburn Website 
Battle Creek Mary Clark-Luce Battle Creek Website 
Brush College TBA Brush College Website 
Bush  Tammy Sheets Bush Website 
Candalaria Carol Jensen Candalaria Website 
Chapman Hill Tonya Hodsdon Chapman Hill Website 
Chavez Becky Rodli Chavez Website 
Clear Lake Debbie Davenport Clear Lake Website 
Cummings Nancy Ward Cummings Website 
Englewood Kate Wallace Englewood Website 
Eyre Bob Barnes Eyre Website 
Forest Ridge  Kandie Goode Forest Ridge Website 
Four Corners TBA Four Corners Website 
Grant  Lori Swain Grant Website 
Gubser Carol Proudfitt Gubser Website 
Hallman  Eileen Mahoney Hallman Website 
Hammond Cinda Ritson Hammond Website 
Harritt Lupe De Leon Harritt Website 
Hayesville TBA Hayesville Website 
Highland Michael Crop Highland Website 
Hoover TBA Hoover Website 
Kalapuya  Shari Schmidt Kalapuya Website 
Keizer Rhonda Hansen Kezier Website 
Kennedy Delia Wright Kennedy Website 
Lamb TBA Lamb Website 
Lee  Kathy Hurley Lee Website 
Liberty Heather Brown Liberty Website 
McKinley  Katie Buckley McKinley Website 
Miller Genie Reviea Miller Website 
Morningside Nancy Dickerman Morningside Website 
Optimum Learning Environment Kandie Goode OLE Website 
Pringle Patti Quesnel Pringle Website 
Richmond Javier Romero Richmond Website 
Salem Heights  Michelle Ramage Salem Heights Website 
Schirle Nancy Hammitt Schirle Website 
Scott TBA Scott Website 
Sumpter Donna Robinson Sumpter Website 
Swegle TBA Swegle Website 
Washington Lori Welborn Washington Website 
Weddle Susan Horning Weddle Website 
Wright Debbie Simons Wright Website 
Showing 41 items